In a nutshell

Let me begin by introducing myself in all authenticity.

My name is Roy J.B. Noordhoek. I was born on 22 March 1956 in Rotterdam. My father was a tennis teacher and my mother a pharmacist’s assistant. After my birth, our family was expanded with my sister Yolanda and my brother Jeroen.

After obtaining my HAVO diploma, I completed my military service at the Material Testing Department (MBA2) in The Hagua. At MBA2, all kinds of new defense equipment was tested before the Dutch army start using it.

After my military service I completed the training for primary education teacher at the national pedagogical academy in The Hague and started working in primary education in The Hague.
In addition to my work in primary education, I succesfully completed an evening study secondary education certificate first part geography (social geography, physical geography and cultural antropology) in Utrecht.

Troughout my education career, I have taught primary, secundary, vocational and adult education. I have gained a lot of experience in teachting and guiding children and adults from other cultures.

At  the age of thirty I left education and spent three years in management positions in information technology and logistic consultancy. This became a lightning career.
When I had achieved everything I thought was important in life at the age of thirthy-three, I discovered that beautiful women, a great apartment, a fat car and a top job were substitutes for the lost parental love and security in the family where a grew up.
With the wisdom of today, I know that I became overwrought and entered an existential crisis because I was the child of the transgenerational transmission of my father’s unresolved war trauma that left me very sensitive to stress, anxiety and depression and the lack of affectivity from my mother wich caused me to suffer from affective deprivation.
One night I had an out-of-body experience and that was the beginning of my search for the essence of life.

After some pointless wanderings in the regular and the alternative circuit, I finally ended up at the Institute for Haptonomy of the then well-known Rotterdam haptotherapist Ted Troost. Ted Troost was known in the Netherlands for his haptotherapeutic guidance of world-class top athletes such as the famous football players Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten, the Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek and the Olympic skating champion Yvonne van Gennip. Artist such as Gerard Joling, but also politician Pim Fortuyn before he was murdered, also became acquainted with haptotherapy and desinterested affective psycho-tactile-contact trough Ted Troost.

At the Troost Institute I spent a year with a male haptotherapist and a year with a female haptotherapist on the treatment table to process and release the hereditary burden of my parents. After that I spent another two years regularly on the treatment table with Ted Troost to ensure that I became psychologically and somatically healthy through the disinterested affective psycho-tactile-contact.

Through the haptotherapy at Institute Troost I learned to let go of stored fear, stress, sadness, frustrations, pain and anger. Ted advised me to meditate in nature like Gautama Buddha. The haptotherapy in combination with daily meditation alone in nature ensured that all my five senses started to function optimally. But I also consciously started to feel spatial and that was, is and will always be the greatest surprise in my life.
I experienced all stages of spiritual awareness during that period. These Religious Spiritual Mystical Experiences (RSMEs) are an transition phase from a life in a limited consiousness with five senses, through wich you cannot consciously feel spatial with your nervous system (sixth sense), via a (spiritual) unbounded transition phase to a life in an unbounded awareness with six senses, through wich you can consciously feel spatially with your nervous system.

I have experienced the interpretation of the haptotherapy of the haptotherapist Ted Troost in every nerve fiber of my system.
When I had finished with Ted Troost, out of sheer curiosity, I also lay down on the treatment table with male and female haptotherapists who had followed their training at the Academy for Haptonomy, the Institute for Applied Haptonomy and Synergos, to also experience those interpretations of Haptotherapy.
I also experienced the interpretation of the authentic Haptonomy of founder Frans Veldman Sr. with a female haptotherapist who had followed her training at the Scientific Institute for Haptonomy.
Finally, as icing on the cake, I followed a two-year study in authentic Haptonomy at the Scientific Institute for Haptonomy.

The greatest surprise in my life was that through the desinterested affective psycho-tactile-contact of the Haptonomy in combination with meditation and contemplation I developed my Happerceptive Sensitivity.
The Happerceptive Sensitivity is the natural human ability to consiously live feeling spatially, with or without tactiele contact.
Subsequently, I connected my Happerceptive Sensitivity with the research method of cultural anthropology, the participant observation. Participatory observation is a form of social science research in wich the researcher is temporarily part of the culture, tribe, class of group he wants to study.
This eclectic creativity gave rise to a unique innovative method of research that I call the Happerceptive Participatory Observation (HPO). With the Happerceptive Participating Observation I have been conducting independent research in many domains of the Dutch multicultural society into the essence of Human Affectivity and the functioning of the Human Spirit for more than three decades.

Because I have optimally developed and seamlessly intertwined my affective, spiritual, rational and material abilities, I use my full brain potencial. Through this I have been able to unravel the great mysterie of the Human Spirit and thereby explain the essence of Human Affectivity.
With my ethical, excellent and valuable knowledge of Human Affectivity and the Human Spirit, I wish to promote human health, human affectivity, human happiness and human civilization by conducting independent research and giving disinterested advice, writing articles and book publishing.




 Homo Eclecticus Roterodamus