Foreword to the collection Philosophical Contemplations about the Zeitgeist


Welcome dear reader,

As an Eclecticus I would like to introduce you to a new accessible form of philosophy.

Philosophy is also called the mother of the sciences.
I have taken philosophy out of  the scientific domain and placed it at the heart of society through this educational collection. As a result, philosophy is no longer exclusivily scientific, but accessible to everyone regardless of their previous education.

The Greek word philosophia means philosophy in plain English.
The introduction of the term philosophy was credited to the Greek thinker Pythagoras.
In Greek, the word philosophy is a compound of the words love and wisdom.
So originally the term philosophy simply meant love of wisdom.

A practitioner of philosophy is called a philosopher or sage.

But what is an Eclecticus?
An Eclecticus is also a philosopher, but one who does not commit himself to any system, but chooses from several systems what he thinks best, and that merges it into something new.
Eclecticism is the Eclecticus’s approach to adopting forms of thought, methods, styles or motifs from ancestors or others and blending them into something new.

What does the word ponder mean?
The word ponder means to have a deep serious thought about something.

This collection focuses on philosophical reflections on the zeitgeist in wich we live.

If you do not fully understand a word, I advice you to look that word up in a dictionary or using a (pocket) computer before reading further.
If you do this faithfully, you will notice that your vocabulary is increasing and before you know it you are a word artist. You will experience that independent studying is actually a lot of fun!

The practice of philosophy, according to the famous philosopher Aristoteles, is the most sublime and most divine activity for man and a source of joy.

I would also advice you not to read to many philosophical reflections in a row. Take your time because it’s about enjoying your search for the essence of human being and not reading through the volumes as quickly as possible.

Finally, I wish you much pleasure, wonder and moments of contemplation while reading these philosophical contemplations on the zeitgeist.


Roy J.B. Noordhoek
Homo Eclecticus Roterodamus

* There are now 70 collections with more than 70.000 philosophical reflections on the zeitgeist.


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