The affective organisation

The word effectiveness is central to the consultancy world. An outspoken example of effectiviness is institutional upscaling. Consultancy organizations have been continuously engaged in advising organizations on merges and institutional increases in scale. But implementing more and more effectiviness within organizations is at the expense of employees’ affective abilities.

Large organizations employ many employees means many more encounters and therefore many incentives. Too many stimuli causes stress and psychological disorders. Illness means loss of employees, wich is associated with less income and higher costs for organizations. Therefore, effective institutional scaling above human size is not efficient, but sickening!

Affectivity is the source of zest for life, vitality, courage and joy of life. Small scale is a fundamental condition for health. Health is a prerequisite for affectivity and happiness. Affectivity is the glue and lubricant between employees that makes them like each other and can work together constructively.

Therefore, effective leaders must transform into affective leaders, effective management must transform into affective mangement, so that effective organizations can transform into affective organizatons. Therfore, it is of fundamental existential importance to all employees that health, affectivity, happiness and wellbeing become central to civilized organizations!


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