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‘If we are willing to go to so much trouble to get to know different cultures,

unknown species of animals and distant planets,
it may also be worth our effort to work just as hard to understand our Spirit.

Historian, philosopher and futurologist Yuval Noah Harari – 21 lessons for the 21st Century

Almost all the great Minds in the history of mankind were pioneers, driven by a rock-solid confidence in their feelings and intuition to make a special discovery or invention with turned out to be of paramount importance for the well-being of mankind.
It is strange then, that the western scientific world has banished human feelings from the scientific domain!
It is correct that human feelings per definition are subjective, but it is a completely outdated paradigm that you cannot use subjective human feelings to consciously sense, and thereby reach rational and logic laws with scientific validity.
The world-famous neurologist Prof. dr. Antonio Damasio – professor in neuro science at the University of Southern California and professor of neurology at the University of Iowa – states the following in his book with the Descatian title ‘I feel therefore I am’: ‘We think and feel with the same brain’ and ‘The thought that subjective experiences cannot be researched scientifically is nonsense’.
Dr. Jill Bolte Tayler – neuro-anatomist associated with the Indiana Resource Center – says the following about feeling and thinking: ‘We call ourselves Homo Sapiens, the thinking being. That is incorrect. We are feeling beings that also think!’

It is not for nothing that Albert Einstein said: ‘It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom.’

Haptonomy is the science of affectivity. It is the only science with feeling (happerceptive sensitivity) and touching (psycho-tactile-contact) at its core.
I have been able to develop my happerceptive sensitivity optimally through a combination of my Haptonomy knowledge and skills combined with regular meditations in nature alone.
Happerceptive sensitivity is an ability wich Haptonomy defines as: the natural human capacity to exist in the environment while sensing consciously, with or without tactile contact.
Every human being on Earth lives from the moment he is born until the moment that he dies while consciously sensing his environment. In most people, this spatial feeling occurs subconsciously.
People who have optimally developed their happerceptive sensitivity, are able to exist happerceptively sensitive – consciously sensing – in their environment. Since his first appearance on Earth, 95% of Man’s existence has been spent as a hunter-gatherer. These hunter-gatherers lived virtually day and night with their nervous systems in the pure oxygen-rich air, which made their nervous systems so sensitive that these early men lived consciously sensing their natural environment.
This natural happerceptive human capacity has, however, been deafened of never even been developed by most people in our western effective world!
I have combined my optimally developed happerceptive sensitivity with the research method of cultural anthropology, participating observation. This led to a unique research method with I call Happerceptive Participating Observation (HPO). Using Happerceptive Participating Observation I have been able to feel the effect and dynamics of the ethical Human Spirit consciously and therefore been able to develop the science of the Human Spirit.

What is the core of the mystery of the Human Spirit?
When people encounter each other and communicate with each other, a continuous – mostly unconscious – exchange takes place between the nervous systems involving chemistry, energy and information. This complexity of chemistry, energie and information is our etheric Human Spirit.

Why is this spacious communication process of Human Spirits between our nervous systems scientifically evident?
With this fundamental existential communication process, two people can feel butterflies flutter in their stomachs when they look upon each other in love, and feel the warmth flow in their nervous systems when they love each other. This subtle spacious interaction process allows humans to get sexually exited and to procreate. Because of this fundamental existential process, you and I along with another 7,5 billion people living on this beautiful blue-green planet!

I am convinced that humanity will undergo a revolutionary transformation in their optimal development of its affective capacity as the key to the further natural evolution of the human species. It is after all our human affectivity with forms our fundamental existential essence. It is our human affectivity that is the source of our zest for life, courage to face life, life force and joy of live. It is our human affectivity that enables people to live together peacefully and work together constructively. Because it is not effectivity but our human affectivity wich is the foundation of our
human civilization.


The essence

‘The most complex entity in the whole Universe

is the Human Spirit’.

Nobel Prize winner, psychiatrist and neuro-scientist Prof. dr. Eric Kandel

What is Haptonomy?
Haptonomy has existed for about 35 years and is therefore a relatively young Dutch science. It was founded by Frans Veldman (Vlissingen, 6 September 1921 – Oms, 25-January 2015).
The brief definition of Haptonomy is: the science of affectivity. Haptonomy is the only science with feeling (happerceptive sensitivity) and touching (psycho-tactile-contact) at its core. Feeling is a spatial ability and touching is a tactile ability.

The name Haptonomy stems from the Greek hapto: touch, feeling, experiencing emotion, tact and from the Greek nomos: law, rule, norm.
It is the science of the affective life, of human love, studying the phenomena specific to the affective contact in human relationships. It is Haptonomy’s goal to support and stimulate human worthiness, human love en and human life satisfaction. It is eudaemonic in character. Eudaemonism is a moral study with hapiness as its goal.

In its 35 years as the science of affectivity, Haptomomy has proven that the subtle emotional life of humans has laws that are controllable, verifiable and reproduceable.
The fact that everything contained whitin Haptonomy is controllable, verifiable and reproduceable, can only be felt and rationally understoot by someone who has optimally developed his happerceptive sesitivity and has been able to integrate it in his personal existence, as well as in a personal profession such as: doctor, teacher, therapist, nurse, social worker, etc.
People who have optimally developed their affective capacity literally radiate this selflessly to their felow human beings when carrying out their profession. Such people carry out their profession on a haptonomic basis.

What is happerceptive sensitivity?
By the term ‘happerceptive sensitivity’ the following is understood: happerceptive sensitivity is the natural capacity of a human to exist in his environment while sensing consciously, with or without tactile contact.
From the moment of birth until the time of death, every human being on Earth consiously senses their environment, but is largely unaware of this.
For example: When you step into a room where people are present, you immediately sense the atmosphere in the room. When you meet someone for the first time, you have a feeling about that person straight away.
People who have optimally developed their happerceptive sensitivity trust their feelings completely.

People who have optimally developed their happerceptive sensitivity are able to consiously sense the environment in wich they exist. Every human being can (re-)develop this natural sensitivity by spending a lot of time alone in nature and also meditating there.
I have made happerceptive sensitivity my specialism and have combined this ability with the research method of cultural antropology called participating observation.
I call this unique research method Happerceptive Participating Observation (HPO). I have been consiously sensing for the last 30 years using HPO to participate and observe all conceivable areas of Dutch multi-cultural society.

Haptonomy proves that it is indeed possible to distil a large number of subjective feelings, information and laws that are scientifically valid.
The importance of feeling is also endorsed by renowned neurologists.
In his book with its revealing title ‘I feel, therefore I am’, world-famous neurologist Prof. Dr. Anonio Damasio says the following: ‘We think and feel with the same brain’ and ‘The thought that subjective experiences cannot be investigated scientifically is nonsense’.
The neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor says it even more eloquently: ‘We call ourselves Homo Sapiens, the thinking human being. That is incorrect. We are feeling beings that also think’.

What do we feel with?
The human nervous system is actually the sixth sense with wich every human being exists within his environment while sensing counsciously. The proces is largely unnoticed but takes place from the moment that he leaves his mother’s womb until the moment of his last breath.
In his book ‘In Praise of Walking’ Prof. Dr. Shane O’Mara – Professor of experimental brain research at Dublin University – says: ‘We possess a highly developed feeling or sixth sense for the signals around us.’
When it (once again) functions optimally, the nervous system is not just a sense, to use the terminology of our Dutch biologist Dr, Freek Vonk: it is a Super-Sense!

What is the ‘something’ we feel in each other?
We feel each other’s Human Spirit.
The word Spirit is derived from the Latin spiritus.
There are more than 7,7 billion people living on Mother Earth, all endowed with a Human Spirit, making every human being, in essence, a spiritual being. There is nothing soft, airy of esoteric about it!

Every child is endowed with his parants’ spirits through their affective psycho-tactile-contact. Subsequently, the person is also ensouled with the Spirits of his grandparants, brother(s),  sister(s), family members, friends, teachers, fellow students, neighbours, colleagues, business partners, acquaitances, countless people they do not know, etc.
So alle Spirits of the people in our affective-social network and the effective-economic network are recorded in the neuronal network in the brain.

In every adult, the individual Human Spirit resides in the crown of the nervous system, so that every person radiates a unique Spiritual Field from the Plexus Solaris (the large nerve plexus in the stomach area). This unique individual Spiritual Field represents the unique person we are and is as unique as our fiinger print.

This unique individual Spiritual Field is a complex system composed of chemistry, energy and information. The chemo-energetic property of the unique individual Spiritual Field represents our psycho-somatic health.

The Human Spirit has a range of names in different civilizations and cultures such as:

  • Breath (western philosophy)
  • Allah (Islam)
  • Atman (Buddhism)
  • Chemistry (medical science)
  • Chi (Chinese)
  • Djinn (Arabic)
  • Energy (modern spirituality)
  • Ether (old philosophy)
  • God (Christianity)
  • Holy Spirit (Christianity)
  • Iets (Ietsisme)
  • JHWH (Judaism)
  • Ki (Japanese)
  • Breath of life (Christianity)
  • Pneuma (Greek)
  • Prana (Hinduism)
  • Psyche (psychology)
  • Roeach (Jewish)
  • Spirit (Christianity)
  • Spook (folk legend)
  • Yürei (Japanese)
  • Field (modern spirituality)
  • Soul (Catholocism)

A suble fundamental existential communication process that is 100 percent scientifically valid.
When people meet and communicate wth one another, such encounters always take place in their Spiritual Fields, causing a continuous spatial exchange of chemistry, energy and information. (Spirits) between the nervous systems of the people involved.
In most people this unique fundamental existential communication process takes place in the subconscious.

This subtle spatial exchange process of Human Spirits between the nervous systems enables two people in love to feel fluttering of butterflies when they look lovingly into each other’s eyes, and to feel warmth flowing in their nervous systems when they love each other. This suble communication process allows people to get sexually excited and to reproduce. Because of this fundamental existential process, you and I and more than 7,7 billion people exist on this beautiful blue-green planet!

People with a healthy body and a pure Spirit in their nervous system radiate a positive individual Spiritual Field from within their body. That is why people with an positive radiance enjoy sharing space with other positive people and when this feels pleasant, they can also touch each other selflessy.
People with an unhealthy body and impure Spirit in their nervous system radiate a negative individual Spiritual Field from their body. Therefore, people with a positive radiance do not enjoy sharing space with those people who have a negative radiance and they also prefer not to be touched by such people.

Unfortunately, people are still discriminated against because of their skin colour, religion, sex and gender, but the actual reason for people to exclude one another or cause discrimination, comes down to the extremely subtle chemo-energetic property of the unique Spiritual Field that they Radiate.

The essence of the ensoulment of a child with the Spirits of the mother and father trough affective psycho-tactile-contact.
When parents hold their baby lovingly in their arms, this is a case of tactile contact. This tactile contact takes place in the individual Spiritual Field of the mother or the father. During this affective psycho-tactile-contact, the Spirit of the mother or father flows into the nervous system of the baby and after regular psycho-tactile-contact both Spirits come to reside in the crown of the baby’s nervous system. The crown of the nervous system is the affective foundation for every human being and is essential for the psychic stabilty and endurance for the rest of their life.

The quality of the psycho-tactile-contact is therefore determined by the chemo-energetic quality of the individual Spiritual Field of the mother and the father in wich the tactile contact with the child takes place.
When the child’s nervous system receives pure Spirits from the mother and the father, this ensures Goodness in the human being.
When the child’s nervous system receives impure Spirits from the mother and the father, this causes Badness in the human being.
Obviously, these are two extremes with a spectrum of other properties in between.

Children who have received repeated acknowledgement from both their parents in a pure affective way become loving towards their partner, children, parents and felow human beings in later life. Those who have received affective acknowledgement with a pure Spirit, are also ethical people who cannot manipulate themselves or their fellow human beings without causing themselves stress. A person who has a conscience cannot harm another human being.

The Netherlands is overpopulated.
Never before in the history of humanity, have so many people lived on Earth and were so many people city-dwellers. Cities that continue to grow in number and size.
The Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe, except the city-states of Monaco, Gibraltar and Vatican city.
According to a report from the Scientific Council for Government Policy entitled: ‘The new diversity’, the Netherlands had 223 different cultures in 2018.
Migrants who have settled in the Netherlands in the 21st century come from all parts of the world. Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht are some of the most diverse cities in the world. Every year more than 100,000 new Dutch citizens join our overcrowed country.

A few news headlines that clearly illustrates the overpopulation in the Netherlands:

  • Five hundred flights on that small area of Earth
  • Record number of 81.000.000 travellers in Dutch airports in 2019
  • Stressed people in an overcrowded train
  • The Netherlands is clogged up, ANWB’s sound alarm about increasing road congestion
  • Full terraces and busy shopping streets
  • Overcrowded bicycle paths the cause of many accidents
  • Full, fuller, fullerst on the ferry across the Amsterdam IJ
  • In 2019 more than 19.000.000 tourists visited the Netherlands
  • The last taboo: the Netherlands is full!

Beside the individual Spiritual Field, all unique cultures, ethnic tribes, socio-economic classes and diverse groups also have a unique collective Spiritual Field.
The unique collective Spiritual Field of the Fins is different to the unique collective Spiritual Field of the Japanese. The unique collective Spiritual Field of the people from Java is different to the unique collective Spiritual Field to the people from Sumatra.
The unique collective Spiritual Field of native Dutch people from the socio-economic upper class is different to the unique collective Spiriritual Field of the native middle class and the unique collective Spiritual Field of the native lower classes.
The group of first year students of medicine of the Rotterdam Erasmus University have a different unique collective Spiritual Field than the unique collective Spiritual Field of the group of third year students of Spiritual Science of the University of Leiden.

All of the 223 diverse cultures in a city like Amsterdam live at a unique and subtly different chemo-energetic feeling level. This means that al the different cultures, tribes, classes and groups have a subtly different chemo-energetic radiance.
They also have a different self-image, concept of humanity and world view. This subjective self-image, concept of humanity and world view forms the reality of all the different people from all different cultures, tribes, classes and groups.

Wherever people are present – inside or outside – they radiate their individual and collective Spiritual Fields. The empty space between people and the physical objects in a room is not an empty space but a space full of invisible human chemistry, energy and information.
That is why the atmosphere in a neighbourhood like Hillegersberg in Rotterdam is very different to the atmosphere in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam. Every neighbourhood has its unique atmosphere, determined by the chemo-energetic radiance of the people living there.

The chronic overload of the Dutch nervous systems.
The uncontrollable increase in population and overpopulation of our planet, world-wide migration flow, transformation of Western monocultural countries into multi-cultural societies, increasing demografic pressure in urban areas and institutional economies of scale in several areas of multi-cultural society (such as education, healthcare and the National Police) the interaction between so many different people is so intense that both children and adults continue to accumulate more different Spiritual Fields (chemistry, energy and information) in their nervous systems, from their fellow beings.

This causes both children and adults to have increasing feelings of:

  • Unease
  • Irritation
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Hate and
  • Aggression

The human nervous system is not just the sense for the stimulus conduction in the body but also the ‘highway’ for the many different Human Spirits of our fellow beings who, through the Solar Plexus, enter the nervous system and pass through the brain, the organs, the muscles, the cells, the DNA and the genes. The dynamic Human Spirits we continuously accumulate in our nervous systems are the most imortant environmental factor wich most probably causes genetic modification. This environmental factor eludes Genetics completely!
We are dealing with a continuous unconscious accumulation (build-up), constipation (obstruction) and/or toxification (poisoning) of Human Spirits by other people in our nervous systems.

The continuous unconscious accumulation proces of Human Spirits (chemistry, energy and information) from other people in our nervous systems cause a chronic overload of the nervous systems. This causes an alarming increase in:

  • Affective conditions, such as affective deprivation and loneliness.
    If the Spirit of one or both parents is not pure, the affective psycho-tactile-contact between the parent(s) and the child is not pure, causing the child to become affectively deprived. Lacking withholding, depriving, neglecting, taking away, seizing and stealing away love is known as affective deprivation.
    Affective deprivation is a pandemic and amongst other things the source of unscrupulousness, criminal behaviour and the formation of gangs.
    Babies die if they are not continuously acknowledged in their existence in the form of pure affective psycho-tactile-contact from their parents.
    Children start displaying recalcitrant behaviour when their parents do not continuously acknowledge them in their existence trought pure affective psycho-tactile-contact.
    Adults become angry people when they do not regularly acknowledge one another using pure affective psycho-tactile contact.
    The elderly start thinking about life termination when they do not regularly acknowledge one another in their existence using pure affective psycho-tactile contact.
    Loneliness occurs when the nervous systems of children and adults is constipated (blocked) by the continuous accumulation of Human Spirits of their fellow beings. This causes both children and adults to lose their connection with their own body and stops them from establishing spatial connections with other children and adults. When this happens, they can no longer feel the flow of affectivity and love.


  • Psychological conditions such as confusion, stress, burn-out, depression and suicide.
    When one (or even several other people’s) sick Spirit enters somebody’s nervous system through the Solar Pluxus unnoticed and this then becomes dominant in the crown of the nervous system, a psychological condition can develop.
    The World Health Organization predicts that in 2020, depression will be the second largest contributer to the disease burden in all age categories world-wide and the WHO expects depression to be the most common disease in the world by 2030.


  • Neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimers’s disease.
    People continuously accumulate healthy and unhealthy Spirits from their fellow beings in their nervous system.
    Because of the continuous accumulation of Human Spirits from other people, the nervous system becomes constipated (blocked) and/or toxified (poisoned) wich can lead to the dead of nerve cells and the development of neurodegenerative conditions.
    The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s (70%) followed by vasculair dementia (16%).
    The number of people with dementia has increased fivefold in the Netherlands, because of the ageing population. From 50.000 in 1950 to the present number of 280.000. The number of Dutch people with dementia will double in the space of the next 25 years to more than 500.000.


  • Somatic conditions, such as Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS).
    When impure or sick Spirits enter their fellow being’s nervous system unnoticed, a range of vague and inexplicable somatic complaints can occur of wich medical specialists such as an internist, can only explain about 50%.
    It is a case of Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS) when physical complaints last longer than a few weeks and if the results of an adequate medical examination do not explain the complaints.

How do we keep our nervous systems healthy, keeping our individual Spirit pure in the crown of our nervous System?

  • Meditation and contemplation.
    Go for a brisk walk alone in pure, oxygen-rich nature, five times a week for an hour to keep your body healthy. Nature is our only natural habit.
    By also meditating in nature, you let go of the accumulated Spirits of your fellow beings and you fill your nervous system with nature’s oxygen-rich energy.
    This lifestyle will keep your nervous system healthy and your individual Spirit in the crown of your nervous system pure.
    By meditating and releasing the accumulated Spirits from your nervous system, space is freed up in the brain enabling a contemplative state of Being. This state allows new insights, lets you see eclectic associations, new wishdom and academic knowledge can emerge.
  • Happerceptive Sensitivity and introspection.
    When you have optimally developed your Happerceptive Sensitivity you are able to sense consiously in your invironment.
    This means that in every encounter you have with a fellow human being, you are aware of his Human Spirit wich enters your nervous system through your Solar Plexus.
    Introspection makes you aware of what the Spirit of your fellow human being affects you.
  • Personal Health Management.
    In the book ‘The mystery of the Human Spirit further unravelled’ (not yet published) I provide 50 tips explaining how you can use Personal Health Management to optimize your health and safeguard your quality of life.


 Health – Affectivity – Civilization