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The new connecting story
At the beginning of the thirth millenium humanity stands for the greatest challenges and transformationproceses in human history. The old stories don’t work anaymore. It is high time fr an new connecting story that transcends the division of the different political ideologies, the different religions and the different sciences, without nullify the valuable of it.
Before we can connect with each other again we have tot understand why the current world is more divider than ever before. Therefore do we use a unique combination of sciences: the Geography, the Antropology and the Haptonomy.
From Geography, Antropology and Haptonomy I explain the evident relation between the overpopulation in the Netherlands, the chronical overload of the nervesystems of increasingly more Dutch children and adults and the explosive increase of affective, psychic, neurological and somatic dideases.

What is Haptonomy?

Frans Veldman Sr. (Vlissingen in the Netherlands, 6 september 1921 – Oms in France, 25 january 2015) is the founder of Haptonomy.
 The Haptonomy is the science of Affection.
 The Haptonomy is a human science and belongs not to the exact Sciences.

The name Haptonomy comes from the greek hapto: touch, feeling, feelings and from the greek nomos: law, rule, norm.
It is the science of the affective life, from the human love that studies the phenomena specific to the affective encounters and contacts, in human relations. The support and encourage of the human health, the human affectivity, the human happiness and the human civilization is the essential goal of the Haptonomy.

The Haptonomy is a science because there are clear laws in the affective life that are scientifically obvious.
 But you can only rationallly understand these scientific obvious laws when you can feel them. Therefore you must rounded a study Haptonomy and have a broad experience in the field of feel and touch.

The Haptonomy is as the science of affectivity unique towards all other sciences because it is the only science that is specialized in feel (happerceptive sensitivity) and touch (psycho-tactile-contact).

Haptonome Mia van Luttervelt and Haptotherapist Gert Klabbers are both promoted in the Haptonomy.

What is happerceptive sensitivity?
Happerceptive sensitivity means the natural human ability to feel spatial, with or without tactile contact.
Every human being on the planet lives from the moment that he is born until the moment that he dies with this ability tot feel spatial in his living world. At the vast majority of mankind finds this abilty to feel spatial place in the subconsciousness.
Some examples: When you meet somebody for the first time, you get directly a certain feeling. When you enter a room where they celebrate a wedding the atmosphere is total different than the atmosphere in a room where a funeral service takes place. When we leave the Central Sation in Amsterdam we feel a total different atmosphere than when we leave the Central Station in Rotterdam. Every city and every neighbourhood has its unique atmosphere. When you walk trough different neighbourhoods in the citty of Rotterdam than feels the atmosphere in the neighbourhood Ommoord, where a lot of white elderly people live, completely different than the atmosphere in a multicultural neighbourhood like Rotterdam-North.

People who have optimized there abilty to feel spatial are also able to feel concious spatial. Every human being is capable in a absolutely natural way to optimise the health and sensitivity of the nervesystem by being a lot of time in nature and also to meditate there.
Human has since there first appearance on earth lived there for more than 95 per cent as a hunter gatherer. These hunter gatherers lived virtually day and night with there nervesystems in the pure oxygen rich nature, as a result of wich these nervesystems were so healty and sensitive that these spiritual human beings felt consious spatial in there natural lving environment.
This natural sensitivity is in most people in this overcrowded, rational and effective conditioned environment extinguished or not even developed.

The Haptonomy proves – as (the only one) science of affectivity – that it is indeed possible from a large amount of subjective feelings and information, to distil laws that are scientifically evident.
The world famous neurologist Prof. dr. Antonio Damasio says in his eloquently titled book ‘I Feel, therefore I am’ the following: ‘We think and feel with the same brain’. Further he says: ‘The idea that subjective experiences cannot be scientifically investigated, is nonsense’.
The neuro-anatimist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor hits the nail on the head when she says: ‘We call ourselves Homo Sapiens, the thinking man. Is not true. We are sensitive people who also think’.
Dr. Suzanne Moser is a prominent American scientist – ex-Harvard, ex-Standford, now Massachussetts University – at the intersection of behavioral change, psychology and climate change. She says: ‘Science as an institution has given one part of the brain (rational and material abilities) huge priority over the other part of the brain (affective and spiritual abilities). And that is very unscientific!
The first Dutch Professor of high sensitivity (Environmental Sensitivity in Health) Prof. dr. Corina Greven with whom I had a one-our conversation about Haptonomy and sensitivity, said afterwards: ‘We will probably only understand it when we can also feel it’.

What do we feel?

The human nervous system consists of the brain and all other nerves in the body. The nervous system is not only an organ system but also that ‘mysterious sixth sense’ with which every human being, from the moment he leaves the womb until the moment he takes his last breath, lives feeling spatially.
Prof. dr. Shane O’Mara – Professor of experimental brain research at the University of Dublin – says in his book in ‘Prais of Walking’: ‘We have a highly developed feeling or sixth sense for the signals around us’.
There is no medical-technological device on earth that is as sensitive as a perfectly healthy and optimal functioning nervous system. The human nervous system is not just a sense organ, because when it functions optimally again it is, to use the terminology of our enthusiastic Dutch biologist Dr. Freek Vonk: a Super-Sense!

What are those stimuli that we feel?
In the word spirituality there is the word Spirit.
In the word psychology there is the word psyche and that also means Spirit.
Thus, in both the spiritual world and the scientific world, it is all about the Spirit.

There are now 8 billion people living on mother earth, all of whom possess a human Spirit. We radiate that Spirit through our Plexus Solaris throughout our lives and that is what we feel spatially from each other. Therefore everyone is in essence a spiritual human being. That is absolutely not soft, floaty or esoteric, because it covers the scientific load completely!

After birth every child is primarily inspired with the Spirits of its father and mother trhough desinterested affective psycho-tactile-contact. Afterwards man is also inspired by the Spirits of all the people he meets in his life: his family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, teachers, classmates and students, colleagues, business partners, acquaintances, countless strangers, etc, etc.
With each new encounter we are again inspired by the Spirit of that person, wich enters the nervous system trough the Plexus Solaris (the large nerve plexus in the stomach area) and is stored in the brain. So the Spirits of all the people we know from our social and economic network in everyday live are stored in our brains with all the conscious and unconscious information we possess about those persons.
All those different human Spirits of all those people we know form our palette of unconscious  feelings. Our repertoire of emotions is relatively small compared to the palette of feelings. Our emotions are the expressions of our inner feelings. Human emotions are almost universal, but they play out at a subtly different level of feelings in different cultures.

When man is alone and balanced, his Spirit is not only in his brain but in his whole nervous system. The human Spirit is connected to feeling aswel to thinking. Because a healthy human Spirit not only provides a healthy mind, but als a pure feeling. Each person’s Spirit is as unique as their genome, iris and fingerprint. Through the Plexus Solaris, man radiate an unique individual Spirit Field throughout his life. The unique individual Spirit Field represents, among other things, the psycho-somatic health of every human being.

A few different names for the individual Spirit Field we radiate through our Plexus Solaris throughout our lives:

– Allah (Islam)
Atman (Buddhism)
– Aura (spirituality)
– Breath (western philosophy)
– Chemistry (medical scientific)
– Chi (Chinese)
– Djinn (Arabic)
– Energy (modern spirituality)
– Ether (ancient philosophy)
– Field (modern spirituality)
– God (Christianity)
– Ghost (popular belief)
– Hati (Malay)
– Holy Ghost (Christianity)
– Iets (ietsisme)
– Jaweh (Jewish)
– Ki (Japanese)
– Pneuma (Grieks)
– Prana (Hinduism)
– Psyche (psychology)
– Roeach (Jewish)
– Soul (Catholic)
– Spiritus (Christianity)
– Yürei (Japanese)

The essence of human communication.
When people meet and communicate with each other, those encounters always take place in the invisible Spirit Fields that these persons radiate, causing a continous spatial exchange of chemistry, energy and information (Spirits) between the nervous systems of those people. Through this spatial exchange of human Spirits between the nervous systems, our brains, organs, muscles and (nerve)cells are connected to each other. 
For most people in the world, this subtle spatial exchange process takes place in the subconscious.

Due to the spatial exchange process of Spirits between the brain, people have feelings and emotions, among other things. Due to this subtile exchange process of Human Spirits between the brains, two people in love can feel butterflies fluttering in their bellies when they look into each other’s eyes in love and feel warmth flowing in their nervous systems when they love each other. This suble spatial exchange process between the brains allow people to become sexually aroused and reproduce. Because of this spatial exchange process between the brains, humans exist and 8 billion people now live on this beautiful blue-green planet!

The unique individual Spirit Field represents, among other things, the psycho-somatic health of every human being.

People with a healthy body and a healthy Spirit in their brain radiate a healthy Spirit Field from their body through the Plexus Solaris. That is why people with a healthy appearance find it pleasant to share space with other people with a healthy psycho-somatic appearance and when it feels good spatially, they can also touch each other selflessy.
That means that people who emotionally live on the same wavelength can select each other and connect with each other on the basis of disinterested affectivity.

People with a unhealthy body and a unhealthy Spirit in their brain radiate an unhealthy Spirit Field from their body through the Plexus Solaris. That is why people with a healthy psycho-somatic appearance do not find it pleasant to share space with other people with an unhealthy psycho-somatic appearance and they also prefer not to be touched by people with an unhealty psycho-somatic appearance.
That means that people who do not live on the same wavelength can reject each other and cannot connect with each other on the basis of disinterested affectivity.

The Netherlands is overpopulated!

On november 15, 2022, The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant headlined: ‘Eight billionth world citizen born: is the border in sight?’
Never before in human history have so many people lived on earth and so many people lived in cities. Cities whose number and size continue to grow!

After the city-states of Monaco, Gibraltar and Vatican City, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe.
On 2 January 2023 the Netherlands had 17.819.581 inhabitants, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The number of inhabitants per km2 has increased from 415 in 1980 to almost 513 on 1 January 2019. The Randstad has the highest population density. South Holland has 1.361 inhabitants/km2, North Holland 1.071 inhabitants/km2 and Utrecht 940 inhabitants/km2.
According to a report by The Scientific Council for Goverment Policy entitled: ‘The new diversity’, the Netherlands had 223 different cultures in 2018.
Migrants who settled in the Netherlands in the 21st century come from all parts of the world. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are among the most diverse cities in the world. Every year, more than 100.000 new people arrive in our overcrowded country.

The Netherlands has become the most urbanized of all 27 EU countries in recent years. This is the conclusion of the Netherlands Evironmental Assessment Agency (PBL) in a report. The PBL calls this worrying. Between 2000 and 2018, on balance, 64.000 hectares of homes, businesses, building sites, infrastructure, parks and recreational areas were added in the Nertherlands. This amounts to almost 10 hectares per day. By way of comparison: on one hectare there is about a residential block with 20 terraced houses.
In relation to the total territory, urbanization has been fastest in the Netherlands. In absolute terms, the Netherlands is number six of all 27 EU member states. Spain, Cyprus, Ireland and Portugal are at the top of the list with the most urbanization or land use.

A selection of the many headlines that clearly illustrate overpopulation in the Netherlands:

– 500.000 flights on that very small piece of earth.
– Record number of 81.000.000 travelers at Dutch airports in 2019.
– Stress chickens in a crowded train.
– The Netherlands is silting up, ANWB cry for help about growing traffic jams.
– Full terraces and busy shopping streets.
– Overcrowded cycle paths cause many accidents.
– Full and fuller on the ferry acoss the Amsterdam IJ canal.
– The people of Amsterdam are tired of mass tourism.
– In 2019, more than 19.000.000 tourists visited the Netherlands.
– Climate, housing, mobility, countryside, nature, agriculture and diversity all demand their
share of the scarce land in the Netrherlands.
– It is getting busier in nature.
– Due to the increased pressure in nature, the nuisance is also increasing.
– It is getting busier on the Dutch waterways.
– Pressure on the water due to crowds and poor skippers
– The Netherlands feels oppressive, say the visitors of the emigration fair.
– Visitors to the emigration fair are looking for peace, space and nature.
– We are increasingly confronted with all kinds of problems in this small and overcrowded
– Radical choices are needed in 2023 to solve the polycrisis.
– The last taboo: the Netherlands is full!

Individual and collectieve Spirit Fields.
In addition to each person’s unique individual Spirit Field, all unique cultures, ethnic tribes, socio-economic classes and numerous groups also have a unique collective Spirit Field through wich they all live on a different level of feeling.
The unique collective Spirit Field of the Turkish Dutch is different from the unique collective Spirit Field of the Moroccan Dutch.
On a more subtle level, the unique collective Spirit Field of Javanese Dutch is different from the unique collective Spirit Field of the Moluccan Dutch.
On an even more subtle level, the unique collective Spirit Field of native Dutch people from the socio-economic upper class is different from the unique collective Spirit Field of the native middle class and the unique collective Spirit Field of the native lower class.
At the subtlest level, the group of white first-year medical students at Erasmus MC has a different unique collective Spirit Field than the group of white third-year Humanities students at Leiden University.

All those 223 different cultures in a city like Amsterdam all live on a unique and subtly different emotional level. This means that all those different cultures, tribes, classes and groups al have an subtle different psycho-somatic appearance.
They also have a different self-image, human image and world view. This subjective self-image, human image and world view (‘bubbels’ or ‘parallel worlds’) is the reality of all those people from all those different cultures, tribes, classes and groups.

Wherever people are – whether indoors or outdoors – they radiate their unique individual and collective Spirit Fields. So the empty space between people and the physical objects in space is definitely not empty space but an invisible field of human chemistry, energy and information!
That is why the atmosphere in a neighborhood like Hillegersberg in Rotterdam is very different from the atmosphere in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam. Each neighborhood has its own unique atmosphere, wich is determined by the unique collective psycho-somatic Spirit Fields of the people who live there.

Demographers, planners and architects who advocate that the Netherlands should become one big metropolis are people who do not understand the sickening effects that this inhumane demographic densification of people is already causing and wil continue to cause!

The chronic overload of the nervous systems of more and more Dutch children and adults.

Due to the uncontrollable population growth and overpopulation on our planet, the global migration flows, the transformation of the Western monocultural countries into multicultural societies, the increasing demographic pressure in the urban areas and the institutional scaling up in various domains of the multicultural society (such as in education, health care and the National Police), so many different people interact so intensively with each other that both children and adults accumulate more different Spirits (stimulations) of their fellow human beings in their nervous systems.

As a result, both children and adults are increasingly experiencing feelings of::

– Discomfort
– Irritation
– stress
– fear
– anger
– hate and
– agression

The human nervous systen is not only the organ system for the impulse conduction in the body, but it is also the ‘highway’ for the many different Human Spirits of our fellow human beings who constantly enter the nervous system through the Plexus Solaris and travel to the brain, organs, muscles and (nerve)cells with the DNA.
So there is an constant unconsious accumulation, constipation and poisoning of the nervous systems by the unhealthy Spirits of our fellow human beings.

Due to the continuous unconscious accumulation process of healthy and unhealthy human Spirits (chemistry, energy and information) of other people in the nervous systems, wich can differ in quantity, diversity and quality, there is a chronic overload of the nervous systemss of more and more Dutch children and adults.

This leads to an explosive increase in:

Affective disorders, such as affective deprivation, identity loss, gender dysphoria and loneliness.
Due to all kinds of stress, more and more parents in the world are no longer able to affectivily affirm their own children, as a result of wich the child becomes affectively deprived.
Affective deprivation is the deprivation of love.
All human beings are affective-social beings and no human being can do without the disinterested affective psycho-tactile-contact. Because affective psycho-tactile-contact ensures that happiness hormones are produced such as: serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. Affective psycho-tactile-contact ensures zest for live, vitality, courage and joy of live.
When you deprive babies of this affective psycho-tactile-contact, they die. When you deprive toddlers of this affective contact, they will display recalcitrant behaviour. When youngsters do not have this affective contact, they feel gloomy and lonely. When students do not have this affective contact, they develop psychological problems. When adults do not have this affective contact with each other on a regular basis, they become sour, angry and agressive. When the elderly no longer have this affective contact, they start thinking about termination their lives.
Because the nervous systems of children and aduts are flooded by too many, too many different and too many unhealthy Spirits of other people, affective disorders such as identity loss, gender dysphoria and loneliness arise.

Mental illnessess, such as depression, psychosis and suïcide.
When the affective foundation is not sound and insufficiently reinforced through affective psycho-tactile-contact by both parents, then the psychological stability and resilience during the rest of life is also not strong.
Because the nervous systems of children and adults are flooded by too many, too many different and to many unhealthy Spirits of other people, a sick Spirit can become dominant in the brain and then mental disorders such as depression, psychosis and suicide arise.
The World Health Organization already predicted that in 2020 depression would become the second largest contributer to the global burden of disease across all age categories and bij 2030 the WHO expects depression to be the world’s leading disease.

Neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.
Humans continually accumulate healty and unhealthy Spirits of their fellow human beings in the nervous system throughout their lives. The continued accumulation of Human Spirits of other people in the nervous system can poison the chemistry in the nervous system, causing nerve cells to eventally die and neuro-degenerative disorders to develop.
One in four Dutch people now has a brain disorder!
The most common form of dementia is Alzheimers disease (70%) followed by vascular dementia (16%). The number of people with dementia in the Netherlands has increased fivefold due to the frost. From 50.000 patients in 1950 to 280.000 now.
According to neuro-scientists, the number of Dutch people with dementia will double in the next 25 years to more than 500.000.

Somatic disorders, such as Somatic Insufficiently Explained Somatic Complaints.

When people unnoticed receive unhealthy Spirits from their fellow humans into their nervous system, these unhealthy Spirits can enter the body through the nervous system, causing all kinds of vague and inexplicable somatic complaints that medical specialists, such as an internist, often for more than 50% of cannot explain.
There is Somatic Insufficiently Explained Somatic Complaints if physical complaints last longer than a few weeks and if adequate medical examination has not found a reason that sufficiently explains the complaints.

The Netherlands is a guide country for other highly urbanized areas, expanding metropolises and overpopulated countries in the world.

There is a clear relationship between the overpopulation in the Netherlands, the chronic overload of the nervous systems of more and more Dutch children and adults and the explosive increase in misunderstood affective, psychological, neurological and somatic disorders.

Due to the overpopulation in the Netherlands, the high demographic pressure in the urbanized areas and the institutional increase in scale in almost all domains of the multicultural society, Dutch children and adults accumulate more and more Spirits of each other in their nervous systems (quantity), due to individualism and more and more forms of diversity, Dutch children and adults accumulate more and more different Spirits in their nervous systems (diversity) and due to the increasing aging population, the increase in the number of chronic diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle, Dutch children and adults accumulating more and more unhealthy Spirits from each other in their nervous systems (quality).

The overpopulation in the Netherlands, and in many other countries in the world, has now taken on such forms that we are unknowingly and unintentionally making each other sick.
That is an uncomfortable truth that politicians, science and journalism in particular can no longer deny!
Precisely to prevent us from becoming even sicker and more aggressive towards each other in the near future, it is more urgent than ever to put the major taboo of overpopulation in the Netherlands and in the world at the top of the priority list of the national and international politics!









 Health – Affectivity – Civilization