‘I am still impressed by your presentation. You ‘touched’ me.
To me that is a gift. Thank you once again for that’.

Conducter NS


‘I very much appreciate your suggestions regarding meaningless violence on the streets
and your engagement in this problem’.

Former Prime Minister


‘It is my hope that more people in our society can dedicate themselves
to showing people, children with difficulties, the way.
I also hope that such behaviour will be rewarded and not punished.

Let us strive for an engaged communication in our community.
A certain heroism seems to be required for this. This is possible from a range of positions
within the community, including teachers’.


‘We have listened to so many different people, but this is the first coherent story
we have been told’.

Different police officers
Teachers police academy


‘It is beyond my comprehension how you can have all this knowledge
without having studied medicine’.



‘You have golden hands’.


‘I believe in this!’
Co-ordinator of absenteeism & commissioner of Unie Union


‘If a had more of your feeling and empathy, I would probably have been
a better medical specialist’.

Dr. Wim
Former medical specialist urology


‘This is your Magnum Opus.
Jhr. Mr. Theo
Lawyer & freemason


‘Your explanation about human feeling is something I recognize completely.
Thank you so much for your support this past year. I am very grateful to you for it.

I have learned so much from you and feel a lot stronger’.
Law student


‘Even your words heal me’.
Truck driver & judoka                     


‘It is admirable how this feeling and thinking has sprung from your brain.
My horizon has been broadened by it’.
Dr. Frits
Former medical specialist cardiology & university teacher of cardiology


‘I wish I had spent all the money I have wasted on medical specialists on you instead.
Thanks again for everything. This will stay with me forever’.



‘You have good hands’.
Dr. Frans Jr.
Haptonomy teacher and Director of the Scientific Institute of Haptonomy


‘You are a very special person and I find your knowledge fascinating’.
Mr. Robert
Owner of Mediconnect and senior consultant in de mediation of doctors and psychiatrists


‘Impressive and interesting, you have such a wide range of knowledge.
It almost makes me dizzy, but very interesting.’
Director De Evenaar Yachting B.V.


‘You are a visionary.’
Drs. Michel
Consulent at van Ede & Partners


‘I love you!’
Jesse (5 years old)
Son of Mike en Gwendoline


‘I have read that you are building your dream.
Never give up: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’, as Einstein said.’

Researcher at Creazene Institute & manager at TankTerminalTraining


Thank you for today, for being together and for sharing what is in your heart!
That is special!’


You have touched me and I was touched.
Thank you!
Business consultant & coach at InnovatieBureau BlijWerkers


I admire your openness today. Thank you for sharing that with me.
You have a wealth of knowledge with can definitely be applied in your future plans.
Be true to yourself by listening to your feelings and share your sensitivity and knowledge’.


Thank you for the interesting insights. To me they are very innovative’.
Drs. Jean Marie
Teacher, Educational advisor and co-ordinator Bachelor theses Social Work, Hogeschool Rotterdam


‘Thank you very much for your detailed email and the account of your life work within Haptonomy.
Impressive and very well-founded! I would like to stay in contact!’

Prof. Dr. Erik
Professor in neuropsychology and Head of the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands


‘Thank you very much for your detailed message in response to the interview about the placebo effect.
You definitely draw interesting parallels with Haptonomy, your area of expertise’.
Prof. Dr. Andrea
Professor in Health Psychology at the Institute of Psychology, Leiden University, the Netherlands


‘Thank you very much for your detailed email about your insights into Haptonomy. I have read your article on your website under the heading ‘Haptonomy’ with great interest.
I am convinced, as you you are, that there is an exchange of consciousness between people. But not everyone is open to this contact with expanded consiousness’.

Dr. Pim
Dr. Pim van Lommel is a Dutch cardiologist and author of the book ‘Endless Consiousness’ (Eindeloos bewustzijn), about wich an article has been published in the leading medical journal The Lancet


‘Cognitive psychologists do not actually believe in love because they cannot empirically prove it with their research method. That is actually quite strange because so many people in the world can feel love.
Scientists will probably only understand it when thay can feel it also’.

Prof. Dr. Corina
Prof. dr. Corina Greven is  a Professor in Environmental Sensitivity in Health at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour of Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands


 Beautiful Pearls