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Health – Affectivity – Happiness – Civilization


Short foreword

We live on an overpopulated planet that is more divided than ever. But at the same time there are more and more children and adults crying out for attention, confirmation, connection, affection and love. Fortunately, there is one science that specializes in human affectivity: Haptonomy.
Haptonomy is briefly defined: the science of affectivity.
In this book about Haptonomy you wil become acquainted with a universal communication process that is the basis of human affectivity. This scientifically evident communication process is so fundamental that it is also the basis of our affective, psychological, neurological and somatic health.
This book is of existential importance for every person on this planet because affectivity provides zest for life, vitality, courage, and joy of life.
Because love is universal!



Haptonomy – science of affectivity – the key to – Health – Affectivity – Happiness – Civilization


  1. Haptonomy – the science of affectivity
  2. Overcrowding causes a chronic overload of the nervous systems of more and more children and adults worldwide
  3. Affective deprivation is an unprecedented pandemic
  4. Everyone is essentially an affective, spiritual, rational and materialistic human being
  5. Four new universal eternal values: Health – Affectivity – Happiness – Civilization
  6. Love is universal


7.   Using your full potencial
8.   The mystery of the Human Spirit further unraveled than ever
9.   Affectivity – the most important haptonomic concepts
10.  Happerceptive Sensitive Encounters
11.   Spirituality – explained rationally and logically
12.  Health Promotion through Lifestyle Prevention

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