The Eclectic Academy
for the advancement of
Vitality & Art of Life


Disciplines & Specialisations

My multi-disciplinary methodology is composed of 5 complementary disciplines:

  • Anthropology
  • Philosophy
  • Geography
  • Haptonomy
  • Spirituality

I specialize in:

  • Science of Affectivity: happerceptive sensitivity and psycho-tactile-contact
  • Science of the Human Spirit: the functioning and laws of the Human Spirit

Personal Health management for the individual citizen

My books:

  • The Mystery of the Human Spirit further unravelled
  • 1001 t/m 1040 Philosophical Contemplations about the Zeitgeist (40 collections of more than 40.000 philosophical contemplations)

Articles for warm, philosophical conversations

  • An introduction to Haptonomy – the science of affectivity
  • The population density in the Netherlands causes an alarming increase in affective, mental, neuro-degenerative and somatic conditions
  • A haptonomic vision of the great danger of affective deprivation in children and the increasing existential discontentment in adults
  • The definite unraveling of the mystery of the ‘Holy Grail’
  • Three factors of eternal importance: health, affectivity and civilization
  • Evolution by Revolution

 The Eclectic Academy