‘Affectivity is the source of our zest for life, life force, courage for life, joy of live & art of living’.
* Roy J.B. Noordhoek

‘Becoming human, being human with your fellow human being, and staying human is the essence of the art of living’.
* Roy J.B. Noordhoek

‘Because of the happerceptive sensitivity we are able to exist consciously feeling spatially in the living world, with or without tactile contact
* Roy J.B. Noordhoek

‘Trough the subtle spatial interaction process of Human Spirits between the nervous systems of humans interacting in close physical proximity, human affectivity and human love exist‘.
* Roy J.B. Noordhoek

‘Children who have been regularly touched in their affective foundation by pure affective psycho-tactile-contact of healthy en loving parants, are thereby confirmed in their existence‘.
* Roy J.B. Noordhoek

‘You can only understand the rational, logical and scientific¬†essence of the Haptonomy when you have felt the pure affective psycho-tactile-contact to the depths of your being’.
* Roy J.B. Noordhoek

‘The human spirit is connected to feeling as well as to thinking, because a healthy spirit provides an pure feeling and a sound mind’.
*Roy J.B. Noordhoek

‘You will only understand it, when you can feel it’.
* Roy J.B. Noordhoek


What is Haptonomy?

Frans Veldman sr. (Vlissingen, the Netherlands, September 6, 1921 – Oms, France, January 25, 2015) is the founder of the Haptonomy.

Haptonomy is briefly defined: the science of affectivity. Haptonomy is the only science that specializes in feeling (happerceptive sensitivity) and touching (psycho-tactiele-contact). Touch is a tactiele ability, but feeling is a spatial ability.
Haptonomy is a human science and therefore does not belong to the exact sciences.

The name Haptonomy comes from the Greek hapto: touch, feeling, sensations and from the Greek nomos: law, rule, norm. It is the science of affective life, of human love, that studies the phenomena specific to affective encounters and contacts in human relationships. Supporting and promoting human health, human affectivity, human happiness and human civilization is the essential purpose of Haptonomy.

Haptonomy is a science because there are clear laws in affective life that are scientifically evident.
But you can only understand these scientifically obvious laws rationally when yoyu can feel them counsciously. For that you must have completed a study in Haptonomy and have extensive experience in the field of feeling (happerceptive Sensitivity) and touching (psycho-tactile-contact).

Happerception or Happerceptive Sensitivity.

The word Happerception is a compound of the word hapsis and perception: to perceive outside oneself, with or without tactile contact.

By Happerceptive Sensitivity is meant: the natural ability to live spatially feeling, with or without tactile contact.

The full development of the affective happerceptive faculties necessarily and by defenition implies good psychological health and reveals a harmonious psychological well-being.

Like other researchers, people who spezialize in feeling (happerceptive sensitivity) and touching (psycho-tactile-contact) are also constantly engaged in rational and logical thinking. Because after feeling and touching, you always think rationally and logically about what you have experienced during that feeling and touching, in order to arrive at rationally logical laws that are scientifically evident.


Psycho-tactile-contact is understood to mean that not only does physical (tactile) contact arise between two people through touch, but during this tactile contact also a spatial exchange of the Spirits (psyche) of those persons takes place between the nervous systems through wich the brain of those people are also connected to each other.

The quality of the psycho-tactile-contact is determined by the psycho-somatic health of the Spirit fields of those persons in wich the psycho-tactile-contact takes place.

When someone with a healthy body, a healthy or pure Spirit and a healthy and positive Spirit Field touches another person, the quality of the disinterested affective psycho-tactile-contact will be high.

When someone with an unhealthy body, an unhealthy or impure Sprit and an unhealthy and negative Spirit Field touches another person, the quality of the disinterested affective psycho-tactile-contact will be low.

Between these two extremes is a range of other qualities.

The new universal image of man.

The rational and materialistic view of man of Western science has brought us the civilization in wich we live today. But this rational and materialistic view of man is absolutely one-sided and incomplete and therefore untenable. Why?
Wise people are excellent at thinking rationally, logically and analytically. You don’t have to be a scientist for that.
Man consists of matter, is surrounded by matter and is able to create new complex matter, such as measuring equipment that scientists can use in their research method.

But at the same time, everyone is also an affective and spiritual human being. Why?
Billions of people on earth know the feeling of love and every human being also has a Spirit. But how do you prove that?
Every child is under normal circumstances after birth primarily animated with the Spirits of its mother and father through the disinterested affective psycho-tactile-contact.
Psycho-tactiele-contact means that there is tactile or physical contact between the parent and the child. But this tactile contact takes place in the Spirit Field that the father and mother radiate through their Plexus Solary. During this psycho-tactile-contact, the Spirit of the mother and father flows into the baby’s nervous system through the Plexus Solaris and over time the Spirits of the mother and the father ‘settle’ in the crown of the brain. The crown of the brain is the affective foundation of every human being.
Thus works the great miracle of human inspiration.

That means that it is scientifically evident that everyone on this planet is an affective, spiritual, rational and materialistic human being

This is the new universal image of man!

Using the full brain potencial

In Haptonomy haptonomas make use of their entire use of their brain potencial because they optimally develop their affective, spiritual, rational and material capacities and seamlessy intertwine.
This is the only way to use the full potencial of your brain!
Scientists only use their rational and material faculties and not their affective and spiritual faculties. That means that scientists are not using their full brain potencial. And that is very unscientific!

When you come to feel and understand that sensitivity is the source of imagination, isn’t ridiculous that in education, from elementary school through college, we unilaterally condition our children and students to use their rational and material faculties while no attention is paid to the optimal development of the affective and spiritual faculties of our children and students?

What is a Haptonome?

Frans Veldman sr. – the founder of the Haptonomy – intended the word Haptonome for people who practice Haptonomy as a science in study and research.

Dutch PhD graduates.

– Mia van Luttervelt obtained her PhD in philosophy with her dissertation ‘Affirmative touch, a philosophical approach of Haptonomy’.
– Gert A. Klabbers obtained his PhD with his dissertation ‘Can haptotheraphy reduce fear of child-birth?’

The P.T.P. principle.

The P.T.P. principle means that the person representing himself who applies the haptonomic approach meets the basic condition that his personal presentation – the way in wich he presents himself wihin the encounter – reveals itself in an optmal presence through:

1) Presence, wich combines open-mindedness with clarity, reliability, truthfulness and sincerity.
2) Transparancy, wich makes meeting behaviour clear and transparent, without feigning and without ulterior motives.
3) Prudence, demonstrating respect, caution, and diligence.

Affective deprivation.

Due to all kinds of stress, more and more parants in the world are no longer able to affectively affirm their own children, as a rsult of wich the child becomes affectively deprived.
Lacking, withholding, depriving, neglecting, taking away, seizing and stealing away love is known as affective deprivation.
Affective deprivation is an unprecedented pandemic!Possible applications of haptonomy

The Scientific Institute of Haptonomy.

Students can be schooled in authentic Haptonomy at the Scientific Institute of Haptonomy (Wetenschappelijk Instituut voor Haptonomie).
On the website of the Scientific Institute of Haptonomy – – you can also find a list of addresses for people seeking a haptonomic practitioner mentor and/or prenatal coaching.


 Science of Affectivity