Eclecticus Health Centre

Personal Health Management

In 1997 I already had the blueprint of the Eclecticus Health Centre drawn by The Hague architect J.R. Koning and the Rotterdam contractor C. Spee.

The time to implement such centers in the Netherlands, and in other European member states, has only increased since than. As a result, the affective, psychological, neurological and somatic health of Dutch and European adults and children can signoficantly increase and the ever-increasing costs of health care can be slowed down.

Eclecticus Health Centre

The following activities take place in the Eclecticus Health Centre:

  • The eclectic conversation
  • The affective encounter
  • The development of the full brain potencial
  • Lifestyle Prevention and Self-management


You can contact me without any obligation (by telephone or by e-mail) if you like more information about the concept of the Eclecticus Health Centre.
All contact details can be found on the homepage of the Eclecticus website.




Begane grond met plattegrond

Eerste etage met plattegrond

 Personal Health Management